Three-in-one productivity software

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Squad is cloud-based software that enables teams to collaborate, communicate, and manage their work from anywhere. We offer a single, shared and interactive environment for teams to work together.

Everything your team needs

Project Management

Manage your team’s work in an organized environment, with a scalable structure that supports growth.


Communicate instantly without switching screens. The chat is always on the side for easy access.

Video Calls

Whether it’s a team meeting, sales pitch to a customer, or an interview, it’s all possible with our integrated video calls.


Grouped by status

All of your work is organized in boards through statuses. Choose from a variety of options to easily manage your work from start to finish. The board view gives you a clear overview of what’s been done and what’s left.

Tasks & Subtasks

Everything in one place

Keeping track of information related to a task is very simple in Squad. You can add a description, attach files, split up the work into subtasks, and discuss the work with your coworkers, all in the same place.


Always connected

We’re all about reducing the chat-to-action time, so we have integrated the chat into Squad’s UI and it’s always on the side of your screen for easy access. Even more advanced chat integration is already in the works.


Stay up to date

New tasks, upcoming deadlines, and other work updates are all in one place. Your inbox helps you stay in the loop.

Immersive virtual meetings

Work in the metaverse

We already have exciting new features in the pipeline that all contribute to our vision of becoming a replacement for physical workspaces. One of which is a virtual meeting space that’ll be a starting point for workspaces in the metaverse.

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